brownstone building repair and restoration

Brownstone: A Short Story

by Bob Tomolillo

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It took only a few minutes for careless craftsmen to deface the surface of the stately BrownstoneThe ornate lintel detail had all but disappeared. Patched with an incompatible mortar the building had rejected  the previous offering. Chunks and wedges of disparate repairs had been waiting to be reunited with the whole. It was a chance at rebirth for the historic dwellings and after weeks of carving the intricate scrolls and patterns on the portico, the job was nearly complete.

A flock of pigeons dispersed as I began my assent to the top of the five story rowhouse. Controlling the telescopic work platform, I traveled  past each window frame, scanning  the lives of the new occupants, concocting a  personal  tale from the tiny relics that perched on the sills. I startled a sleepy cat as it gazed  into the fluttering airspace. Dust particles suspended in the suns rays entered a room, illuminating a pattern on the Persian carpet. I stopped for a moment to squeeze my eyes, stinging from the strain of watching the angle of the boom as the shafts grew thinner on my way toward the repair area. Below, my longtime associate, Cy, was bending over the mixing buckets, adding the precise amount of water to the powdered stone.  Click to read more