brownstone building repair and restoration

Repairing Brownstone Requires Expertise

Repairing Mouldings: The example of remaking the intricate moulding of a Boston brownstone is shown step by step below and illustrates the process and expertise needed to achieve excellent results. This brownstone (circa 1850) had severe spalling extending over the entire face. Apron moulding dividing the third story was in poor condition. A decision was made to remake the profile and reinstall the moulding using Conproco’s Matrix system. Repairing with integral mix rather than replacing the moulding allows a contractor to manage costs and save time without sacrificing quality.

brownstone building damage
BEFORE: Damage Before Repair

brwonstone building repaired
AFTER: Moulding After Restoration

To view the steps required to execute the repair shown above, visit the Waldo Brothers website.