brownstone building repair and restoration

What We Do

At Master Building Associates, our experienced craftsmen restore the original artistry and architectural integrity of brownstone facades

The beauty of Brownstone comes from the color, sparkle, and texture of the natural sandstone and the architectural details carved and moulded by the19th century craftsmen. The softness of the stone make the beautiful brownstone cornices susceptible to water damage and deterioration.

On-site recarving:

brownstone carving repair process

Above: Craftsman carves in place and duplicates the original  detail of the inset block located between the first and second story windows

Recasting Moulding

brownstone moulding repair

Left: Bob Tomolillo, owner and founder of Master Building Associates, hand carves the cast mould that will recreate the detail of the moulding above and below the windows

brownstone color matching

Color Matching

Much of the appeal of brownstone buildings come from the rich red-brown color of the stone. Using structurally similar materials  for the repair, Master Building Associates matches the color exactly to achieve their excellent results.